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Welcome.  Guest Feel free to check out our General section for random stuff.  Members, Elders and Co-leaders sections are provided to discuss clan matters.  Enjoy!

Stricken - TH8 lvl 80 required.  Level 3 Dragons or Level 4 Hogs required (we expect 3 stars) Use of LINE chat app is also recommended.

Stricken v2.0 - TH7 lvl55 required. Level 1 Dragons required.

Stricken v3 - Anyone!

Stricken is home to our higher level members. TH8 player level 80 above is required.  Also knowledge of clan wars attacks such as GoLaLoon, HoGo, HoLo, and other 3 star strategies is required.  Not currently accepting pure GoWiPe or GoWiWi users.  We are a 3 star clan. We do back to back wars, starting at 8 PM Central Time US.  War participation is expected, unless heroes are down, or vacation.  We understand people aren't always available, just need a heads up.  We use LINE and Skitch apps combined to go over attack plans, and help one another. We are also a 100% fair play clan.  Any hint otherwise will get you removed. 

Stricken v2.0 is our sister/feeder clan. We welcome Those TH7 lvl55 and up.  This clan is slower paced, and lower level than Stricken.   Those wanting to learn attack strategy, defensive strategy, or just easy going farming this is the place for you.  Wars for v2.0 are every Friday evening (US central time) Because weekends are easier on some folks in school and busy with work.  Also runs a "Hit Squad" War on Tuesday Nights.
War participation is optional, however encouraged from time to time.   but don't be afraid to fail.  Failing is part of learning, and friendly people are there to answer your questions!

Stricken v3 is now up and running, shout out to Raj!  This is for any and all players in the community! Its a true place for learning the game from the ground up!  Also a place where Stricken, and v2.0 members can put their alts to help the newer players learn and progress and enjoy the game! 

Boom Beach clan is now up and running ops as soon as intel is there for it.  Nothing fancy but get to play with the same folks.

V1 is Level 10
10th Oct 2016 · Matt · 0 Comments · Likes · Like
v1 and v3 Updates!
22nd Feb 2016 · Anajak · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

v1 is now lvl8 Clan! v3 is close behind, almost to lvl8 themselves!

v3 Recently won their 91st War, 5th Perfect War in a row!
(29 total perfect wars) Current Record is 91-3-17. 

v1 is now at 158 war wins.  2 Perfect wars in a row as well
Current record of 158-33-2. Current win streak is 27 wins in a row.  Only 2 losses on War Log, 2nd one is about to fall off.  That dates back 120 days.

Awesome job from both clans!

3rd Perfect War in a row for v1
14th Oct 2015 · Anajak · 1 Comments · Likes · Like

We are on our "A" game, lets hope it sticks. Grats everyone.

2nd Perfect war in a row for v1
11th Oct 2015 · Anajak · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Great job folks.  We have never done that before.  Considering we are facing max/well developed th9s very nicely done.  Lets keep it going

36 War Win Streak for v1 comes to and end :(
8th Oct 2015 · Anajak · 3 Comments · Likes · Like

Its a sad day, however, now we just have to push again to 40.  We had a ton of our core members sitting out due to heroes.. and it hurt us in the long run.  a 39 to 40 loss. It was exciting though.  With some epic ending battles to see who would come out on top.

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