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Welcome.  Guest Feel free to check out our General section for random stuff.  Members, Elders and Co-leaders sections are provided to discuss clan matters.  Enjoy!

Stricken is home to our higher level members. TH8 player level 70 above is required.  Also some knowledge of clan wars attacks is required as wars here are not easy.  We war every 5 days.  The calendar is on the front page and accessible to everyone to see when we are starting our wars.  The rest of the time it's easy farming.  War participation is expected.  We always do 45v45 wars in case you need to drop trophies to avoid a war until such time as they implement a opt out system. 

Stricken v2.0 is our sister clan created by our current members originally for alternate accounts.  However, what was once {Dragonbrothas} is now full fledged clan!  We welcome Those TH6 and up.  This clan is slower paced, and lower level than Stricken.   Those wanting to learn attack strategy, defensive strategy, or just easy going farming this is the place for you.  Wars for v2.0 are every Friday evening (US central time) Because weekends are easier on some folks in school and busy with work.  Yes, war participation is expected but don't be afraid to fail.  Failing is part of learning, and friendly people are there to answer your questions! 

Clan War vs Reddit Lithium
Anajak 1 Comments · 14th Nov 2014
Well... I'll just highlight the stats.  They kinda speak for how this war went.

Attacks used 75 vs 89.  89 yeah.  They do it right.  I dont know what the deal is with people just randomly missing wars.  New people too that are all eager to war until it gets here then they tuck tail and run. 

Compare 3 stars and 2 stars.  Whats sad, a lot of our 3 stars were on their th9s.  Our th8s need to step up.  In a big way and stop settling for 2 stars.  We HAVE to get more production from our 8s.  Or I gotta start moving people. 

Stars per attack.. Yeah we had the upper hand here but only because they used all their attacks.  Dont feel proud we won that stat.

However, this seemed to be the war i finally got through to some.  I have seen more people actually using war strats practicing this week than I ever have.  Perhaps people are tired of not producing.

14th Nov 2014 Anajak
The 1 biggest problem I saw this war, was the fact our members are struggling hard with cc troops.. we are using way to many troops to kill them and losing half your army. I even used my last attack just to show people how to deal with them.. how many actually paid attention is another thing.

Read more: http://stricken.iclanwebsites. ... 990806#ixzz3J3rKqEa1
Clan War vs ClanArchy
Anajak 0 Comments · 1st Nov 2014
This was the most lopsided war in terms of strength i've seen.  We were really out matched.  But, all that aside we raided terrible.  Not only the worst matchup.. but worst raiding we've done.  Lets not do that again reguardless the matchup.. and hope matchmaking doesn't screw us this bad again.

Clan War vs Trator Y_War
Anajak 0 Comments · 20th Oct 2014
Good war all around.  Zero 1 stars is great.  We out leveled them by alittle so I expected a good win.  We still need to work on 40-45 being 100% 3 stars.  We are getting better at 3 stars overall though.  79 attacks.. not bad, but not great either. 

Clan War vs PKR
Anajak 0 Comments · 13th Oct 2014
We should have won this.  Our attacking was sloppy to say the least.  Also, we need to work on 3 starring more, and getting 3 starred less.  I know, that seems obvious. but so many people are settling for getting 2 stars.  Don't settle, get better.  Defensively.. i've been preaching.. and preaching.. but crap guys, you gotta step up and help.

On a good note, nice job with 82 attacks.  We need to start holding people to under 100 stars defensively though.

Clan War vs Arlen
Anajak 0 Comments · 8th Oct 2014
First thing that pops out is.. they used 87 attacks!! wow... that's impressive.  We keep teetering from 75-80.  Lets get this to 80 plus best we can guys.. constant struggle.  Zero 1 stars we didn't mess with their #1 or #2 but we didn't need to.  Really good war guys.  And again good job with the target picking. 

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6 Stars vs League of Noobs, excellent hog use, and being 1 starred twice, finally got 2 starred but overall good D.