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What do you think about the new update?
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Joined: 4th May 2015
Rank: Member
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14th Dec 2015

There are people ranting around that "$uper$ell" is trying to make more money. Some people like the update because it makes things more difficult and less boring for them. Farmers are getting a bit angry. Whatever the view, let's discuss it here!

In my opinion, I think that Supercell wants players to try something new other than sitting on their couches and hit their collectors. In addition to that, the AQ Walk doesn't work that much anymore, so people have to think of another strategy (Grand Warden Walk, maybe?). We also get the upper hand from those who leave their Town Halls outside (think of the resources inside it). Farmers also game the system (in many ways, including leaving their Town Halls outside intentionally) to get more resources.

However, I think that Supercell should also target the trophy-pushing community by adding new rewards and tightening up the competition. That would make for a happy Clash experience for me!

What do you think? Do we need more tweaks? Is there anything that Supercell shall improve about the game! Let the whole Stricken family (and maybe the world) hear your comments!
Joined: 28th Apr 2015
Rank: Elder
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14th Dec 2015

Currently I am losing or braking even with elixir.
Very difficult to get to 2m.

Troops cost too much now!
Very easy to get gold now and DE.

So perhaps I should start making more DE and less elixir troops in my future raids.

War is giving extra strategies with the extra spell.
Dragon seems possible again at TH 8.
Last war our opponent showed us some nice dragon skills.

TH 11 stuff is far away for me so I don't care much about it

I don't mind the new system. If you attack twice and defend once you gain more then you loose. But enough to cover your expenses?
Joined: 16th Mar 2015
Rank: Co-Leader
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20th Dec 2015

I like new atk system. Disappointong to loose 300/300/2 everytime at the beginning, but if you pick wise targets and know how to atk them its easy to recover. This pushes ppl to learn how to atk.

As for rewarding trophy push i agree. Even if new system makes higher leagues "livable" thanks to the 2/3 atks per shield we can do.

We would also need DIFFERENT reasons to log in every day. The long awaited daily quests are not here yet, though they are a great project imo. Give us something to aim for everyday.

Spell donation opened up whole new possibilities. Double ZapQuake is a big tweak. Drags are again a possibility, as Peets said.

As for Queek walk, it still works great. Up to 6 healers there is no change. Who would bring more than 6? Lol
Joined: 27th Jun 2014
Rank: Co-Leader
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21st Dec 2015

I agree with the opinions above. This update has hurt a lot of non-maxxed players. on two of my accounts, both maxxed out except heroes, i just throw my storages outside and protect my de. during my farming time, i am able to make a lot of de using giarch while boosted, 10k+ de an hour my elix and gold stays full lol.
Joined: 28th Apr 2015
Rank: Elder
Likes 15
21st Dec 2015

Daily quests?? I did't saw that! I am curious

Some new things I have discovered.
Gold is very easy now. I am always sitting with + 2m gold. So I don't care about gold atm.
So I push next target more often now.
There are some juicy targets to gain the loss back.
Only thing I don't like is that most of my suggested targets are TH 9 and I am TH 8 half way.
Joined: 6th Jan 2016
Rank: --
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6th Jan 2016

Guys can you give me suggestions on how I should attack?
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