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What's your Clash story?
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Joined: 4th May 2015
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28th May 2015

Let's make our own autobiographies of our alter egos (forget the auto, since it's not the alter egos writing for themselves) in Clash of Clans! I'll start:

On March 28, 2015, I started playing Clash 2 days before graduation. My classmates have been playing and talking about it, so I tried it. It was so addicting. At first, I gemmed everything - including my TH upgrade to lvl 3.

I was on Town Hall 4. I started hopping through clans, and then I thought I found my perfect match - Squad Riders. It seemed interesting. I was included in a war, and then I did a 0% attack - I was completely uneducated about wars. They kicked me for my age, and talking a lot in clan chat.

I was again on another clan called Labyrinth as a temporary home, but then I was bored since they didn't war for weeks (lack of members). I looked on the forums to find another clan. There came Baffaloo's (Raj's) post.

I'm already on this clan, which is Stricken v3. As long as I can remember, magicaltunafish was the one who accepted me into the clan. It all seemed fun, with Shameless having the record of most active. Elds and Cos educated me about war strats, and then I became war-able, and I did war. Two 0% attacks against Cayanan.

The next war, I got a three star against my mirror (I suppose) in ARMANI SITI. It was a great feeling. A great journey. This story will continue for the rest of my CoC life.

UPDATE 1 (for the first time in forever):
So, Sam's son was very active while I wasn't. I think I needed excercise to I asked Sam about it. She taught me about squats, planking, etc. I didn't know CoC can be this helpful. Marck also helped me in doing squats without a barbell. This might be weird, but this is the beauty of clans. Somebody call up SamExcerciseTips!

So, what is your story?
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Joined: 16th Mar 2015
Rank: Co-Leader
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28th May 2015

My Clash story is pretty simple:

I downloaded the game just to see what its fame was due to. Was it that cool? I couldn't imagine I would have loved it that much.

I started my village with some random atks, random raids...i looked for clans, deciding to try an Italian one since i never tried to play an online game with Italian people: i hated them. after hopping through 2/3 clans with very immature people, i googled learning clan and that brought me on supercell official forum, where raj had just bumped the post. I requested and was accepted.

I was the first member to apply to v3 and stay. Haley and SupahStrong were there with Raj, but its to him that i owe most of my learning process. After some players joined, among those Vas, Harai, Sam, we had our first war and my first atk was a total fail.

I was honoured to be promoted to elder after some wars, along with gwyn, vas, harai and rudi. More recently, after my xp kept increasing, i was repromoted to coleader with harai. I am now proud to help Raj into leading this tight group.
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Joined: 19th Feb 2014
Rank: Leader
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29th May 2015

ohh fun topic!!

So, I got my first tablet Christmas of 2013. That new years day I was watching football, and a clash commercial came out "You and this army". I was like cool, i need new apps for my tablet! Instantly hooked. By February I talked my boss, Sir Jody (Draco, Sir Draco) Into playing. He loved it. We got together in a clan called Night Immortals. There is where we meet the likes of Verjay, The Great Dr. Chin, Pandaru, Tyson Rock, Mono, Michelle, Hermod, Mep, the list goes on and on (and sorry if i forgot anyone!) I remember being like NO WAY when verjay gave me my first lvl5 archer. haha.

Anyhow, the leader of the clan was young. And didnt understand what to do. Random promotions, kicks, it was annoying. Of course there was no clan wars when this was happening thank goodness lol. Me and Jody would talk at work, and we were fed up with it, decided to start our own clan. The thought, was just us 2, maybe a few more would join. We weren't trying to ruin Night Immortals, just needed a fresh start.

I announced i was leaving, and thanked everyone for all their help, me and jody were starting a new clan. I was a co at the time in night immortals (dunno how). So Stricken was born. Suprising, about 15-20 people followed us! this was mid February 2014. Being the gamer I am, i made this website pretty quickly, and got into the supercell forums recruiting.

I remember, waking up every morning after we made the clan and expecting it to be empty cause everyone left haha. Before long we were at 50 members. Then clan wars came out. We had to make some hard decisions about kicking some people. And we have lost good friends along the way. Clan wars really made the game better, but for a clan like we were, kinda split us in half.

Thats the 1 downfall of Stricken. We started before clan wars, so everyone got used to being very casual. Its hard to be a rude person and kick people when its what they are used to. Which is why we struggle to make the HARD transition to a War Clan in v1.

Regardless, that's my story. Still love it.
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Joined: 28th Mar 2015
Rank: Elder
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29th May 2015

Gwyn's story - Gwyn sprang into existence in February of 2015 when the game asked for a village name. Gwyn was alone and didn't know what to do. Everyone else Gwyn knew had been playing for awhile. They were all in clans with high level town halls. Gwyn created a clan but no one joined it. A friend knew about Gwyn's situation shared their discovery of Stricken v3 for low level players who want to learn the game. Gwyn was one of the first people to join the clan after Marck. It didn't take long before we had 10 players. Once that happened I would beg and beg Raj to start a clan war. I am sure it was annoying. Now we war twice a week. I like being a part of the v3 family because Raj is firm, fair and consistent. It makes me feel secure. I have friends who have shared their clan experiences and they are filled with users who are only out for themselves. In v3 that is not the case. My clan members are generous. Fester and Aqua lead by example by donating expensive troops every war. I love goofing around with my v3 family because many of them are playful and will banter with me.
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Last Edit: 29th May 2015 by Gwyn
Joined: 4th Jun 2015
Rank: Co-Leader
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4th Jun 2015

I started on February 3 of last year because of coworkers. First clan I joined was pitiful, and someone took it over by promising a "hack" if he was made leader. He of course kicked everyone out, which is what I told the leader would happen. Somehow I knew the leader would listen to the "hack" guy...

Next clan was better, but not by much. Mostly TH6/TH7s who would randomly decide it was time to "trophie push!", and who couldn't give any answer when I asked what it could possibly accomplish given that everyone was around 1000-1400 trophies. When I realized that the leaders had abysmal donation ratios, I bugged out.

Clan 3 was where I stayed for over a year. Good people, especially the long-term members, with only brief bouts of drama. We went 14-1 at the start of clan wars, but soon had a ~14 war losing streak as we struggled to grasp the "go big or go home" idea. This, coupled with the number of people who were inactive and had to be kicked, led to a steady decline in our numbers. Over the last 6-8 months we've been below 20 people and haven't been able to add any long-term members. With wars only once a week, and very inconsistent performance from the leader (who has two TH10s and clearly doesn't "get" the main war attacks), I eventually figured I'd had enough and came here.

Really looking forward to a positive experience!!
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Joined: 19th Feb 2014
Rank: Leader
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4th Jun 2015

Nice ditch I actually hate to hear that after year things fell apart, but glad your here, hope we can make this your next home.
Joined: 2nd Jun 2015
Rank: Member
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5th Jun 2015

The reason I started CoC was because all my friends were hooked up on it and talked about it nonstop. I honestly thought this was just another city builder game which was made to leech money through in app purchases. I was sort of right, but I gave in after a while. They got me into their clan, which was sort of nice at first because we wrecked all our enemies in war. I guess after a time my friends got bored of the game and slowly were turning inactive. We were losing wars continuously and so I left in favor of this clan. And now I feel this clan is a significant improvement over my old one... Active members, serious wars... Thanks guys!
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Joined: 9th Apr 2014
Rank: Elder
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9th Jun 2015

Started CoC in around feb/march 2014 when my cousin introduced me to it while having vacation in Japan. Was apprehensive that it might be a pay-to-play kinda game with shallow depth but got hooked pretty quickly(cant wait to go back to hotel to play some CoC lol).

Was flying solo from TH 1-7 as there was no clan wars at that time so didnt see the point of joining a clan till clan wars came. Hopped onto the forums and found Stricken where i was welcomed by Michelle who lives in the same timezone as i am (GMT +8) though she's currently now in V2.

Was my first clan and has been here ever since Anajak took my clan virginity :->

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