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Changing how we go after TH9s post-update?
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Joined: 4th Jun 2015
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29th Mar 2016

Between the witch nerf, the poison nerf, valks having less HP, xbows hitting harder, super-tanky wizard towers, and 30 seconds less attack time, the difficulty level in attacks has gone through the roof. I think we can eventually adjust and resume dropping 3-star bombs, but in the meantime I think we should be a bit more realistic in how we attack. 

This means first attacks on bases with good layouts (such as pretty much every base in our current war) should be done with a goal of locking down 2 stars, finding giant bombs, and having a chance of 3 stars. Attacks like stone goho (3 golems), govaho, and gowipe-plus-hogs would include taking down the TH in planning, give us a pretty good chance at high % 2-stars, and a decent chance of 3 stars (especially with govaho). Then we can use second attacks for cleanup. 

Another aspect would be having lower/mid-tier TH9s do two scout attacks, and let accounts with higher heroes focus on cleanup. 

The last time we were struggling, we used a similar strategy to great success. Then over time we got good enough to 3-star bases 40-60% of the time with our first hits and moved away from it. For now I think we should go back, and hopefully we can return to all-3*-all-the-time when our collective skills are improved.

Feedback welcome and encouraged!
Last Edit: 25th Apr 2016 by Ditch
Joined: 6th Nov 2014
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30th Mar 2016

Excellent thoughts harb. We are less sophisticated with our attacks at v3, mostly use goo with two golems. Golems and ks absorb the hits, while it's up to the hogs to deliver a final blow. It is a 1* or 3* tactic that brought very solid results in the past, but started to fizz out more often after the upgrade.

In the last war we had at the Angels we could see the difference between their gowipeho and our pure goho. Theirs nearly always yields the two, but seldom the three. Ours is either three or just one.

I will encourage our members to test the effectivity of gowipeho in the recent war, then we can re-discuss the topic again.

As far as mapping up stronger bases is concerned, we have been regularly practicing it in our latest 12-15 wars with good returns.
Joined: 28th Apr 2015
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6th Apr 2016 ... ur-base-in-clan-wars

Check this out.
Build those X-Bows!
No more Wiz tower and Mortar!
Joined: 28th Apr 2015
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16th Apr 2016

Joined: 4th Jun 2015
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18th Apr 2016

I like how things have been going in the V1 and V3 wars this month. Lots of people being good teammates, and some "bully" 3-stars of low/mid TH9s by our top attackers to cement wins. My handful of deviations (going for 3-star first hits) have been uniform failures, so I need to listen to my own advice!!
Last Edit: 18th Apr 2016 by Ditch
Joined: 16th Mar 2015
Rank: Co-Leader
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24th Apr 2016

Teamwork is the key. Everyone should be willing to scout if needed, and try 3* when needed. Be it on a base - or + 10 from you, depending on the situation.

Let's keep it up then!
Forum » General » Clan Wars Talk/Strategy
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