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Clan wars organisation and base selecting
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Joined: 4th Apr 2014
Rank: Co-Leader
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17th Aug 2014

Hi Clan

Just wanted to have a discussion regarding bringing a bit more organization to our war effort.  Currently I think everyone would agree that the way we do things is very successful and it may be the case that we don't need to change anything.

First point I would like to discuss is "Base Selection".
Currently we mostly do this individually and that's fine and its worked well for us.  What I would like to raise though is for me I will often have in mind a base I am going to attack and I make an army comp I intend to use to tackle that base.  A few times I've had the situation where someone else has hit that base before I have been able to.  Its no fault of theirs of course as they had no idea I intended to hit it but then I have to find another base I can hit with that army composition which sometimes it isn't really suited to any of the remaining bases.  Something I would like to propose is that during prep day we have a forum page where we can state for example, "I intend to hit base 10 with dragons as it has weak air d".  I would like the clans thoughts on this, would it work?  Do you think you would use something like this?  Not sure how it would work in practice but may help.  I don't think it would be too time consuming and would work best I think being flexibly implemented and open to discussion.

The second point I would like to bring up is "attacking too high for your base level and troop level"

The above may help with this as if someone claims a base that is way too high for them or with the wrong army comp there's a bit of time for someone to let them know to pick something a little more matched to their troop levels.

Anyway thats it and its also cool if everyone wants to leave things the way they are, its working on the most part.  I understand quite a few don't regularly use the forums so it may not work for the clan as a whole but I think it could be simple to implement and bring a bit more transparency to peoples intentions during clan wars.

Joined: 5th Mar 2014
Rank: Co-Leader
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17th Aug 2014

I saw a couple of hardcore clan's war strategies where they let their bottom 15 attack whoever they wanted for the first X hours, then next 15 the X hours after that, and then the top 15 X hours after that, leaving another few hours after that for whoever was unable to attack both times or missed their slot, wahtever.
Just another type of strategy to think about. It is really different from how we have been doing it, but I just thought I'd share it because I just found it and thought it was interesting.

Also, don't forget that some people have been attacking way too low because the "recommended base" algorithm is people, if the base is way too easy, let our lower TH's take it down

Also, I do agree about implementing something like this...Someone could make something that everyone can edit (google doc?), which has numbers 1-45..and then people could edit it, putting their name or whatever next to the number they want to take down. Also, if that would be too difficult, we could post a new thread each war with the numbers 1-45 and then people reply to the thread, and the OP edits the post with who wants to take what. That would require the OP to be on the forums regularly so that they can update it asap.
Last Edit: 17th Aug 2014 by Invisibility
Joined: 19th Feb 2014
Rank: Leader
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17th Aug 2014

I would LOVE this. However. Lack of forum use is the biggest issue. And I'm not going to make it mandatory. Reason is, this is an app, for phones/tablets. Most people dont take this as serious as we do. Doing anything like mandatory forum use will turn us into a serious clan wars clan, which leads to egos, and drama. The reason we get to enjoy our 3 days off is because we all like each other. There is no pressure, and it's fun. Thats why people joined, and I can't just do a 180 and tell people ok serious time.

The part I DO like is the part where people go to high.. that is annoying the piss out of me. However, I dont know how to stop it. Do we say.. ok you have to say "i'm about to attack" before you go, then we say thats good, or thats bad? Which yeah.. i don't really like.

I hope i'm making sense as i'm really tired just getting home from the lake and my brain isn't quite working at full yet. lol.
Joined: 4th Apr 2014
Rank: Co-Leader
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19th Aug 2014

Yeah I would too but I get what your saying and lack of forum use would make it difficult to implement. Mandatory will never work but we could do something as optional if even 10 people were to use it as that may be enough so others could just ask before they attack a base to see if its been claimed. This could create drama though with people unaware attacking a claimed base so there would need to be understanding that this will happen and not to get up tight about it, move on and find another base. I'm also for things staying casual and not becoming hardcore. So this would have to be done on a casual non mandatory basis for those who wish to use it. Others would need to be aware it is in place so they check on clan chat before attacking a base. For simplicity we could just create a forum for each war and people post which bases they intend to attack and with what troops. Let me know what you think, we could potentially trial it next war or maybe do a poll to see how many would use it first.
Forum » General » Clan Wars Talk/Strategy
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