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TH 9 - TH 10
Forum » General » Clan Wars Talk/Strategy
Joined: 28th Apr 2015
Rank: Elder
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31st Jan 2017

I have an idea.

At this moment I am done with my lab and all the elixir upgrades.
What if I upgrade to TH 10 only for my lab and elixir upgrades.
But I don't touch any TH 10 defenses until my TH 9 defenses are finished.

My war score won't go up that much but I will get stronger troops and I can easier kill my opponents.

Joined: 21st May 2015
Rank: Elder
Likes 4
1st Feb 2017

The upside now is obvious. The downside is if SC changes the matchmaking system so that you begin drawing bases that better match your offensive strength. Your would then no longer have an advantage offensively and be at a great disadvantage defensively. But if, when, and to what extent SC will change MM is unknown.
Joined: 4th Jun 2015
Rank: Co-Leader
Likes 4
2nd Feb 2017

This would go in exactly the wrong direction; see the last post I made. We need people with under-developed defense to start upgrading, then max out, *then* upgrade TH. Farming is harder and more expensive at TH10, so stick to TH9 and you will progress faster.

There have been several recent wars where we have been at a significant war weight disadvantage, and I think that is primarily due to bases like Seeker, Van, and Toby who have offense that is vastly stronger than defense. If you (Peets) moved up now, you would be another Seeker. Based on SC's algorithm, it seems like having many underweight bases invites us to get matched against clans with 'sandbag' TH3/4/5s on bottom, no-defense bases, semi-rushed TH11s, and very very strong TH10/11 defense on top. Those are the only kind of wars we can't win, and in fact it's exactly how our last loss happened! I'd prefer to avoid those.
Joined: 28th Apr 2015
Rank: Elder
Likes 15
3rd Feb 2017

Thanks for the thoughts guys! :-)
I won't go up to TH10 :-)
Forum » General » Clan Wars Talk/Strategy
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