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War weights: don't upgrade mortars after TH8!!
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Joined: 4th Jun 2015
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10th Mar 2017

This video is very important: ... atch?v=Y_CpLc0YmZY

Shows what defenses get what weight, and it's telling what's the heaviest besides the obvious (eagle/inferno/xbow).

My takeaways:

1. Mortars are WAY heavier than they have any right to be. Heavier than xbows!! I do think it's worth getting them to level 6 for farm defense, but save anything after that for when you max your TH. Or maybe don't upgrade after level 6.

2. Air defense and sweepers are almost free. Given how huge air is (drags at TH7/8, laloon at 9/10), max all that ASAP.

3. Bomb towers, similar to mortars, should wait to be upgraded as long as possible. 

4. Xbows should be mid to late upgrades, but aren't as bad as I thought for weight. 

5. Point defense (cannon, archer, tesla) all pretty safe to upgrade. I think archer tower and tesla take priority given the air meta, but cannons can chew up kill squads and ground attacks. 
Joined: 4th Jun 2015
Rank: Co-Leader
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13th Mar 2017

Another vid: ... atch?v=-Jw7xNgYQGc

This brings up a point that links to the anti-engineering thread from a few weeks ago. War weight is partially based on offense, and if either your offense or defense are seriously out of line with each other, there will be an adjustment to bring them closer to balance. Whatever advantage you get from "more offense than defense" will be cut in half and added to your weight. So, you're losing that amount of potential defense.

How do we combine this data (don't underdevelop your defense) with the data above (splash damage is too heavy)? Simple: upgrade everything that has real war impact first, like air defense, point defense, giant bombs, without worrying that your weight will be going up too fast. Xbows would come before mortars at TH9, and we wouldn't be stressing over whether to wait until 20/20 heroes to drop them. War weight should be increasing in line with offense, but that weight should also be SMART weight.
Forum » General » Clan Wars Talk/Strategy
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