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What I know about Clan Wars so far...
Forum » General » Clan Wars Talk/Strategy
Joined: 19th Feb 2014
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4th Apr 2014

Ok so ALOT of questions lately, i'll try to share everything I know so far here.

  • A clan war will begin when either I , or a co-leader put us in the matchmaking pool.  Otherwise we won't be in it.  There is no random declaring war on certain clans. Its all done through matchmaking.
  • It is NOT VOLUNTARY!!! Matchmaking will put us up against a similar clan.  
  • Originally Posted by SuperSteve[Supercell]
    This is How matchmaking finds us a match.  We won't be getting stomped by higher level clans.I cannot elaborate unfortunately. I do believe GodSon and SimonTay both touched on this, however:
  • - Hero levels
  • - Town hall levels
  • - Weapons (Defenses I presume)
  • - Walls
  • - Number of players
I can't get more specific than that. Perhaps we'll provide additional information on matchmaking in the future, but I cannot be sure at this point.
• If we have 50 members, and the opposing clan has 43.  It will go by increments of 5. Meaning, they only get 40 of there members, we only get 40.  The 40 are chosen by trophy count.  So if you in the bottom of the clan, and want to do clan wars, move up just in case!!!

• Wars last 2 days.  The first day is known as prep day.   You will have access to a screen that will show one side (us), all our members participating, their bases and such.  Clicking enemy will let u see the enemy clan.  Bases and all.  It's a scouting day. 

• There will be a timer at the top that represents when the war will begin.  ONCE THE TIMER HITS ZERO, YOUR BASE IS FROZEN IN A SNAPSHOT.  Not literally frozen, but however your base was designed at that point will be the  base you have during the war.  What does this mean?  Well, most of us have farming bases (Town Hall outside walls)  Before that timer hits zero, we want to have a trophy base (or town hall protected) base.  Once the timer hits zero, and your base is snapshoted, you can go back to a farming base, and it won't hurt a thing.

• Also know, the enemy, will probably swap their base to their "defensive" base a few minutes, or closer to the end of the timer, giving us less time to scout, same goes for us, just DON'T FORGET TO SWAP IF YOU HAVE YOUR TH OUTSIDE.

• Your defenses will be active at the level they are upgrading FROM. So, if you are upgrading an air defense from level 4 to level 5 when you save your war base, your AD will be an active L4 if you are attacked during the Clan War. Same with troops and spells that are mid-upgrade.,

• You will lose zero resources. So don't worry about protecting storages as much during clan wars
  • Winning is all about STARS. 
  • 1 Star for destroying 50% of the base
  • 1 Star for destroying the Town Hall
  • 1 Star for destroying 100% of the base
  • Meaning, if you get the town hall, and 35% you still win.  Get 50% and the town hall and you get 2 stars, 100% is always 3 stars
  • Each player gets 2 offensive raids and each base can be raided 2 times. If 2 clan members attack the same base, whichever raid gets the most stars will be the raid used to generate the clan points. Also once a base has been 3 star'd it will not be attackable.
    Originally Posted by Sneakydave
    a base can be hit in theory up to 50 times (50 clashers taking part can each attack a base once)
  • Each person may attack the enemy team twice.  As well, as each base may only be RAIDED twice.  RAIDED means, starred.  If a town successfully defends, it can still be starred twice. This is so you can't farm their lowest town hall, or their worst defense!!! This is where we will coordinate attacks.  Our lowest TH vs theirs, ect.  Giving us a better chance to win.  It does us NO GOOD to have Tyson attack a TH6 player.  He is much better off taking out someone the rest of us can't touch.
  • We will use the forums to communicate this, and in game.  

Donations are separate.  A person in the clan not participating in clan wars will not be able to donate to those that are. 

• You do not lose trophies for losing in clan wars

• Every replay of the war can be watched by anyone in the war.  Pretty awesome i think if someone asks for help on a strategy we can help them.

Don't be afraid to join! No one will be put down or made fun of for losing.  Unless it's tyson.. or mep.  or jody.. lol.  Anyone who wants can join in, and if you have questions ASK!!! never ever be afraid to ASK! 

Once we get good at this, we will know what each of us likes to attack with.. It's no secret I will probably use balloon/dragon/archers or something like that involving balloons/rage.  Maybe even the simple Balloon minion.  Knowing this while scouting you might say, "ohh anajak would wreck that base.. i'll let him know." 

Teamwork and Fun is ahead guys.. i'm so super pumped...

Last Edit: 5th Apr 2014 by Anajak
Joined: 5th Mar 2014
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4th Apr 2014

Since you can only attack twice, you can just send everything you have. Mass drags+rage for me!
Joined: 19th Feb 2014
Rank: Leader
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5th Apr 2014

Added some revisions!!! found a list of FAQ's here.

Forum » General » Clan Wars Talk/Strategy
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