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Dark Elixer Farming
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Joined: 4th Apr 2014
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28th Jun 2014

I've been meaning to put this together for I while but just haven't got around to posting it, so finally here it is... my dark elixer farming strategy!

1.  Trophies 
Drills can't be built till TH8 so you want to be at a trophy level where you will find lots of th8 and above bases.  These generally will be in gold 3 or above.  Under this you will find some Th8 or above but not as many so it generally will take longer to find a decent base.  When I was at TH7 I tried to maintain 1400 trophies to stay in gold 3 and got dark elixer at a good rate.  This said I do think there's a bit of a psychological aspect to being at a certain trophy level as I once found a base with 4000de down as low as 950 trophies so if you find your getting alot at a lower trophy levels then stick with it.  Change trophy level if your struggling to find any.   The other aspect to consider is you will lose trophies to get de from these bases so if in your searches you see ths outside, snipe them for the trophies.  If they also have good de then its the perfect base to farm de.  I love these bases. 

2.  Lightning Spells
Next you will want to carry with you 3 level 4 or 5 lightning spells ( stronger spells = more de).  These are to use on any drills or storage's that are well defended and you can't get to with your troops.  You can tell if these are full or not.  If the storage looks empty you may see that the drills are full.  In that case use the spells on the drills.  You will get a feel for working out where the de is by how full they look.  The second thing to consider when using spells is that it will take 90 mins to make 3 lightning spells so if you have a spare 10 gems it can be worth boosting your spell factory to make these in 22.5 mins so you can get back to raiding alot sooner.  By that time your army should be ready again for raiding

3.  Raiding Army
I used to use barbs archers and goblins but now I use barbs archers and minions (bam)  If your th7 I would not recommend using bam as you will use too much of your hard earned de.  I would recommend just barbs and archers (barch) but its up to you, just use what ever your used to.  Some people do really well using some giants and wbs and can push in to the storage.  I find its too much effort and can be prone to failure and not getting anything.  I mainly concentrate on using my army to raid outer de drills and storages.  I just drop some barbs to distract and follow up with archers.  You will be raiding very high level well defended bases so your troops will die very quickly so just concentrate on the most exposed drills you can get to.

4.  Base selection
At th7 I didn't bother with any base that had less than 800 de when using lightning spells.  Ideal is 1-2k+.  Look for outer drills that are full, don't bother with ones that look empty.  At th8 I have found so much de in crystal 3 I don't bother with anything less than 2k unless th is easily sniped. 

The other thing to remember is "Patience"! if its taking to long though you may need to consider getting trophies up a bit more.  It can take pressing next 50plus times sometimes other times only 5 or 10.  Its just one of the annoying aspects of the game and unfortunately there's no way around that.  That's why trophy level is important you want to maximize your chance of finding a good one and stay where you feel your finding alot of good ones quickly.  I'm finding the higher you can go the better but its really up to you.  I'm loving crystal 3 while I'm at TH8.  I find so much I can be so selective with the bases I choose to raid.  Gold 1 is also very good.  I also find alot of abandoned bases with full mines, pumps and drills at 1900 - 2000 trophies to raid for gold.  Its the opposite of what is commonly accepted for farming but I'm finding that farming at higher trophy levels is working for me plus the de is fantastic. 

I think that covers it.  Hope this helps.
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Joined: 4th Apr 2014
Rank: Co-Leader
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30th Jun 2014

Yeah I should try to push into the base more for de but I'm too lazy with my raiding now. I still like to use lightning spells. I might try it though just to up my skills while I have too much elixer. What army comp would you recommend going with for a tough TH9 with xbows to get middle de?
Joined: 5th Mar 2014
Rank: Co-Leader
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3rd Jul 2014

Daddy has a good video on de hunting with giants and gobs and wbs to push into base. pretty much, you find something with de on the outer layer or one layer in to base, and use giants and wbs to break thru and gobs/barbs/arch to get de. epic sentences, ill find the vid and link

EDIT:  Here is the vid ->  How YOU can farm 15k DE an hou ... eroes don't you)

EDIT 2: both BAM and this strat have their strengths and their weaknesses, just am posting another option for ya....also, not sure how well this works with these new hero changes. Also, i have not even tried this since i have only been barching in crystal for 2 days now
Last Edit: 3rd Jul 2014 by Invisibility
Joined: 4th Apr 2014
Rank: Co-Leader
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3rd Jul 2014

Looks good, will have to try it.  Yeah the update is going to change things a bit with the heros.  I think it may make it easier on some bases if the heros are place badly but harder on others where the heros are place exactly where you want to go.
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