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Gem usage - the forbidden topic
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Joined: 22nd Feb 2014
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13th Mar 2014

Yup, thats right - do you PAY to play a FREE game?

A lot of people complain about gems, but I don't mind spending a few dollars a month to enhance a game that occupies me for several hours every week. What about you?

Post below how you use your gems and how you think you use them most efficiently - whether they are paid for with real money or received from removing trees/completing challenges.
Joined: 22nd Feb 2014
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13th Mar 2014

I use 40 gems every few days or so to boost my barracks (10 gems each for two hours). Queue up a full army before a raiding sesh and BOOM, when I'm finished with my battle, I almost always have my next army (currently have 180 capacity) trained already. This way I can get a million gold and elixir each within 30-45 minutes and not to mention its fun being able to raid again and again and again without having to wait in between. Depending on the bases I find when raiding, I can get 2 mil gold/elixir by the time the boost is up.

If I spend $5 for 500 gems, they will last me about a month and a half. That, I definitely think is worth it.

I don't think it is worth spending gems to just straight up buy gold and elixir. Its expensive and you have no fun doing it.

You can also spend 10 gems to boost Spell Factory production for two hours, but I find it's harder to come out profitable on elixir if you're spending 60k just on spells for every raid.
Joined: 22nd Feb 2014
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13th Mar 2014

Also - 20% off iTunes gift cards w/ a PayPal account, today only: https://www.paypal-gifts. ... /itunes-bml-20.html#

$25 card = $20
$50 card = $40
$100 card = $80

Picked myself up a $25 card so I could get my fifth builder. Coupled with the 700 gems I had already, the remaining gems will last me months (3 or 4) as long as I'm just using them to boost my barracks every few days. $20 for months of fun? I'll take it.
Joined: 19th Feb 2014
Rank: Leader
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13th Mar 2014

I spent 20.  That was for my 5th builder.  I also used an app called app nana.  It's like an advertising thing where you download and try games and it gives you points.  After so many points, you can get itunes/google play gift cards.   It takes awhile, but worth it.  I've since after getting my first 10 dollar card, uninstalled app nana and use another one called free my apps because it feels safer and doesn't take as long to build up points.  

Also, when using gems, the #1 absolute truth is builders are the most important thing you can spend gems on.  period.  2nd is a toss up.  Mostly what i spend mine on are boosting the spell factory.  As i said in my attack strat post, my army takes 22 mins to make.  but my spells take an hour and a half.

the worst thing you can do with gems is boost your pumps and mines.  it's actually cheaper to just buy gold/elixir/dark elixir straight up, than to boost your pumps.  Here is a youtube video on spending gems.

Here is a video about gems in general

and this is about troops

This is the same guy in my Youtube to Watch thread.  He has a ton of good stuff on his channel.

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Last Edit: 13th Mar 2014 by Anajak
Joined: 6th Mar 2015
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29th Apr 2015

Soo. I spent too much. Gemmed from th7 to max 8 pretty much over night. Double gemmen cuz Andre said I had to b lvl 70 to get in stricken.. Now tho I c that if I was just boosting rax and/or pumps I'd probably b th10 by now.... So don't make my mistake double Gemming is bad.
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