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TH8 Farming bases, Add Yours!
Forum » General » Base Defense
Joined: 19th Feb 2014
Rank: Leader
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7th Apr 2014

I'm fairly new to th8 but this is my base so far.  Its had some success but only really been hit once.  and won handily.  Triangular mortar/wizards/air d/ and storages.  And off set junctures.  which is also very important not to have everything squared off, where 1 piece of wall is the corner to 4 compartments.  

Triangles are TH8 are key since most things are in 3s.  I'll add more once i have more experience with it
Last Edit: 7th Apr 2014 by Anajak
Joined: 19th Feb 2014
Rank: Leader
Likes 63
6th May 2014

Few Tweaks, but works great.. i mean i really  have no issues with this.
Joined: 5th Mar 2014
Rank: Co-Leader
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7th May 2014

This farming base is pretty good. 
Getting free shields all day. 
also, is pretty good vs the giant healer strat that most people try to use if they want my resources. 
As long as i only have an abundance of one resource, I basically only get people sniping my TH for a free shield for me =]
I'd like to say 8 free shields to one or two actual raids, which might both be failed raids or only one successful one(getting all my DE). they usually only get 2/3 of each other resource, though.

sentences are in random order np guys

EDIT: I moved my builder huts from the corners of the map to between my TH and my walls in order to make it harder to move my CC troops into the corner to be taken out...seemed to work pretty well.
Last Edit: 14th Jul 2014 by Invisibility
Joined: 4th Apr 2014
Rank: Co-Leader
Likes 7
21st Jul 2014

My th8 farming base. Used this most of th8. Feel free to copy it... it worked great for me!!!
Forum » General » Base Defense
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