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Attack Strats and Conversation
Forum » General » Attack Strats
Joined: 19th Feb 2014
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12th Mar 2014


Since we have a forum on defense maybe a forum on attack? Please give all commentary and insight you wish!


Joined: 19th Feb 2014
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12th Mar 2014

Balloons. Enough said. end post..

I'll give a better answer later just woke up lol

*PRO TIP OF THE DAY* Always use 1 archer to spawn clan castle troops!!!!!! If there are troops lure to outside and kill with archers. IF there is wizards in their clan castle, drop 1 gaint first then archers beind so your archers are insta killed!!!!!!!!!! Wizards are scury in clan castle!!!

#1 Here's my basic army as of now. TH7, 200 troops. I use this around the 1150-1350 range and am pretty confident I could 100% about 75% of the bases I see. This is my "farming" army. With 4 barracks (rax from now on) i can make a full army in about 22 mins. (time is key to farming)

10x lvl4 Gaints - 20000 Elixir
2x lvl2 Healers - 12000
45x lvl4 Archers - 7200
65x lvl4 Gobos - 5200
6x lvl4 WallBreakers - 15000
Total - 59400 Elixir

1 lvl1 Barb King

2x lvl3 Heal - 36000
1x lvl2 Rage - 25000
Total - 61000
2x lvl4 lightning - 40000
1x lvl3 Heal - 18000

Spells rotate as I play around with them. I sometimes use 2 Heal, 1 Rage
Now i'm using 2 Lightning and 1 Heal

Knowing how much your spending is key to raiding. Regardless of army composition. Knowing this will help you profit on each battle. I look for battles with say, 65000 elixir. I know i'm making a small profit if I don't use spells. Or if i only use 6-8 giants. Or 1 healer. Zero wall breakers, you get the picture.

My main strat is find weakly placed air defense. If there is only 1, use giants + heal spell to remove it. If there are 2, take out the easiest one to get to with archers, and use giants on the other. The main reason I use 2 healers is one will sometimes peel off and heal a set of archers, or gobo's. I usually place one with my giants, then after i've cleared the corner i'm hitting, 1 with my barb king (since he has the tendency to wander off).

I also have enough troops to take out bases with full pumps/mines. In this case, i'll only use my archers/gobo's. Key is knowing what you can get away with for your army. I've used this long enough to where I can glance at a base and say "yeah, i'll 100% this" or "I can't touch this". I can also gauge how many troops I drop.

Also 1 healer is fine as well. Add another giant or 2, or more archers, up to you.

The new spell use with 2x lightning is so i can take on more bases by killing inner air defenses with my 2 lightning spells. Which i'm liking alot more everyday.

#2 This is my fun mix. It's alittle more pricey on the elixir. And takes longer training time (full army in about 40 mins with 4 rax), BUT i have hardly ever lost with this. period. Plus.. it's LOOOOOONS.

8x lvl4 Gaints - 16000
6x lvl4 Balloons - 21000
1x lvl2 Healer - 6000
4x lvl4 WBreakers - 10000
60x lvl4 Archers - 9600
48x lvl4 Gobos - 3840
Total - 66440

1x lvl1 Barb King

WTF you said it was more expensive! it's not much more! Well spells are HUGE with this build. And used almost every battle.

2x lvl2 Rage - 50000
1x lvl3 Heal - 18000
Total - 68000

How to use this is pretty simple. If the air defense is easy to get to, use your large amount of archers to deal with it. If not, then this is where raged balloons come in. Place your balloons so they either go straight for the air d, OR target it second. As soon as the air d starts shooting the balloons, drop a rage. Placement is KEY. Gotta put rages in spots the balloons are going to, not straight on top of them. IF a red air mine hits your balloons, gotta drop that heal spell or they are dead. This is what the 1 heal spell is for. Watch your balloons, soon as a red air mine hits them, drop a heal spell, and your good to go. Usually, your balloons, will get about 5 defenses. After they have cleared the air d, it's giant healer time. Drop them bad boys where the balloons have cleared and go to work.

The 2nd rage is optional. Feel free to use 2 heals, i've just found the 2nd rage with balloons much more useful than 2 heals.

If you don't have 200 troops, cut them wisely. 180 for example. Dont cut 4 giants... cut 1 gaint.. or just use 1 healer. and cut 3 archers and 3 goblins.

If you want to see either of these in action just ask!!! I'll put a battle together for you and post the replay in clan chat. Hope this helps!

More to come! I have 2 more I like to use but rarely due to cost and time.
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Joined: 19th Feb 2014
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12th Mar 2014

Any good sights anyone knows of on attack strat?


Joined: 22nd Feb 2014
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13th Mar 2014

I can personally attest to the Balloon+Rage spell ferocity. Aside from it actually being a good strategy (with a well placed rage spell), its hilarious to think how mad your opponent will be when they see the replay and realized they just lost their defenses against crappy loons. Its the intrinsic things that make this game fun

Verjay, I think I have it down but I think other clanmates could benefit from your giant/wizard strategy. It sure as hell works out well for me (although expensive). 
Joined: 19th Feb 2014
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24th Mar 2014

A new setup i've been using is

16 lvl4 Balloons
20 lvl4 Barbs
60 lvl4 Archers
40 lvl4 Goblins

2x lvl2 rage
1x lvl4 heal

1x barb king

Basically, use either all the balloons on one side, or split them 8 and 8. Use rages to get them to air d's fast if you can't take them out with archers. the rest of the troops are the clean up crew. pretty basic.
Joined: 4th Apr 2014
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13th Apr 2014

This is what I use for farming after seeing a youtube clip of it being used and I've found it very effective.  Lets call it the BAD strategy for barbarians archers and dragons.  Not sure if this is the name of the strategy or not but anyway I will call it this for now.

The key to this is to use the barbs and archers to take out the air D and archer towers then let the dragons loose to rip up the rest of the base.  Obviously look for bases with air d and towers in the outer walls.  Wizard towers aren't too much of a concern as the damage they do to dragons is pretty low.

Army composition can vary depending on personal preference but this is what I generally use.

60 l4  Barbarians (4800 elixer)
70 l4 Archers (11200 elixer)
2 l2 Dragons (60000)

I also add some wall breakers and goblins.  The wall breakers I use to get the barbs in for taking down the air d and archer towers and the goblins if there's still resources to collect and time is running out.  

20 l4 goblins (1600)
5 l4 wall breakers (12500)

Training time and cost seems excessive for farming but in practice its not too bad.  I have 2 barracks doing dragons and the other 2 do the rest.  While I'm looking for a farm the dragons are already training so it cuts time down significantly.  Even with one barracks doing dragons this still works fine as long as you have a dragon training while searching.  Also depending on the strength of the base I may only use 1 dragon or sometimes on particularly weak ones no dragons.  Also some bases you wont need to use the wall breakers and goblins so this also cuts cost and training time.

If there is one air d central and the loot is worth it I have 3 lightening spells handy to take it out but generally I save these to get Dark Elixer.  I only use them if I can't get to the Dark elixer and there is more than about 800 to loot.  If most is in the storage you should get about 300-400.  Otherwise I don't usually need to use spells.

The main weaknesses of this strategy is more than one central or hard to get to air d.  Bases like this I usually skip and when I don't it results in a very costly loss.  Also Dragons are very slow this is why I carry the goblins and another use for the wall breakers to get to any storage's that might otherwise be missed. 

Total troop cost is 90100 elixer  Which seems alot but in practice my elixer storage's are always pretty close to full.

Here's a link of it in action.  The main advantage of this over Barch or Lazy Farming is it is easier to get to storages in the center of the base as long as you can take out air d.

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