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Balloonian (Balloon Minion)
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17th Apr 2014


There are a few ways to build this.  Go with what your more comfy with as far as troop makeup.  This is what I use..

24 lvl5 Balloons (lvl4 balloons recommended, as this is when they become useful)
6 Barbarians
37 Minions

2x Rage
1x Heal Spell

Why 6 Barbarians?  This is used to pull clan castle troops, as well as move them into a corner, and tank for whatever troops I use to kill their clan castle.  Minions, like archers, don't get close to building.  Barbs however do, so they are useful for this.

You can run more loons, but you cut into your minion count, which I've found doesn't work as well.  Play with it.

Theres 2 ways to attack a base.  If you want 100%,and that's your goal.   Deploy balloons so they will go for air d's.  Use the 2 rage spell on the 2 groups that have the most defenses in their area.  Use the heal, to heal through red air bombs or a group that gets going on a roll and needs to stay alive.  It's all judgement based.

When placing balloons, place one, let it go ahead a few spaces, then place the rest, don't want outside red bombs to ruin your day. Inside red bombs.. you can't help that, your loons are already grouped up.

The other way is to spread your loons on one side with the goal of getting your minions to the TH for a 2 star.  This works on hard bases you can't 3 star.  Literally hold your finger down and make a rainbow around 2 sides of their base, places rages in defense heavy areas.

The 2 most important targets are air d's of course, and wizard towers.  Wizard towers don't do much to loons.. however, they WRECK minions, your goal with the loons is to clean up the area so your minions can wipe it.  Archer tower.. pfft, single target vs minions is not good.  Teslas can be problems cause they kill minions so fast, but not above the other 2 listed. 

Why minions and not archers/giants/whatever

They are fast, they are air, your entire army now doesn't care 1 bit about walls.  You can spinkle 1 minion around the map where your dropping your balloons to trigger red air mines which are bad for loons since they group up so much.   They just work together.. like peas and carrots lol. 

He uses 28 loon, 30 minions.. but basically the same principle.

Last Edit: 17th Apr 2014 by Anajak
Forum » General » Attack Strats
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